Why do I smile as I look at my client chair??


A chair, it’s just wood, material and padding-right, nothing special? Of course, you’re right unless it’s a chair that was used by someone who inspires you or who was very special to you.

The chair I use for my clients is an electric lift chair and yes it once belonged to someone special, someone who inspired me and someone who I miss each and every day. Having this chair in my consulting room inspires me to support others to live the best life they can, even during difficult life challenges such as chronic illness.

Today I’d like to share a little bit about my beautiful friend Cass who absolutely inspired me and still continues to do so even after we lost her in this life.


Cass and I were close friends and huge dance buddies if there was music and a dance floor we were up there together having a ball. We were all devastated to learn she had Motor Neurone Disease (MND) which eventually she succumbed to after a hard and mighty fight.

MND is an absolute #!#! of disease and for Cass to eventually lose the ability to walk and talk was devastating to watch. However through it all, she had the most vivacious smile determination and positive attitude she was literally an inspiration to be around.


Yes sure, she had her rough day’s where it was hard to push through however she was determined to beat this disease and that stood her in such good stead to make the most of each and every single day.

Cass had given back to others all her life and that was very evident in the latter stages of her life when people came from =far and wide to support her, take her out, care for her, cook for her and the family and generally be there to support her as she had supported them.

If I have a tough day I find myself saying well Cass would have been grateful for……Cass would have given anything to feel…….

Today Cass’s chair is sitting proudly in my client room and every time I see it I know that what I’m doing is right, I’m inspired by Cass to continue to support others and show them their inner strength just like my friend Cass.

Please make the most of the day, each and every day, we never what is going to happen from one minute to the next so make sure you make the most of each and every day.

I hope this shares a little more about me and why I do what I do.

I’d love to hear about who inspires you and makes you smile.

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