Achieving your goals

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving your goals most people have a love/hate relationship with them. You understand their purpose and most often appreciate them when it comes to your professional life. However, a lot of people find it another story when it comes to their personal goals.

AS someone who supports clients to achieve their goals here are the 3 top reasons I see for not achieving your goals

1) Deciding to ‘Wing It’
Once you have set a goal the next logical step is creating an action plan to make your goal a reality If you don’t take this step you are setting yourself up to fail. Ask yourself how do you know what you need to do to achieve your goal? How do you know how long it will take to achieve your goal? How will you track your progress to your goal?

Mind Body Joy Tip- Create a plan always taking into account the goal, what you need to achieve it, reasonable time limit and the support or resources you’ll require.

2) No Patience
This actually comes from point #1 not creating a plan. Let me explain if you haven’t created a plan, you won’t know how long it will take to achieve your goal. So what often happens you lose patience and give up the goal because you lose patience it’s taking so long to achieve.

Mind Body Joy Tip- See point #1 to set realistic timelines it achieves your plans

3) Playing Victim
When your socializing with others and talk turns to goals you’ll find it’s easier to join a rather large club of people who didn’t achieve their goals. This is even more common around New Years when everyone talks about the New Years Eve resolution that lasted a day or more! You can commiserate together and compare with each other how hard you tried and still failed. Failing also sometimes means an easy way out.

Achieving your goals

Some people even prefer to be part of a common commiserating group. However deep down I know you would rather, much rather receive accolades when it comes to achieving your goals.

Mind Body Joy Tip – Start a new group one that achieves goals and leads the way so others can follow

If you need support with formulating a plan to achieve your goal contact me for a chat. As a Positive Psychology and Wellbeing practitioner, I’ll work with you on your goal taking into account your individual strengths and values which makes goal setting easier and almost guaranteed to succeed.

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