Top 5 reasons why regular you time is important to your overall wellbeing

Physical tension releases during U-Time which allows your whole body to relax de-stress and focus

Feel Good
Your body releases endorphin’s when you do something you love making you feel less stressed and calmer.

Solve Problems
Being stressed inhibits your ability to think properly by allowing yourself U-Time your mind slows the thought process down allowing you to think more clearly

Muscle Relaxant
Even if you just sit and read a book quietly U-Time will relax all the muscles in your body that are normally tight from running around

Studies are showing more and more that your overall wellbeing promotes faster healing and health benefits. Allows you to breath, hydrate and smile which in turn gives you all the healing benefits listed in tips 1 & 2

Tips for You Time
Go on a retreat
Make yourself a cup of tea in a special cup and saucer
Walk along the beach
Walk in the bush
Put on your favourite song
Have a bath with special oils added
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