Altruism – Can it make you feel better?


“Altruism – is defined as giving without any expectation or receiving in return”.

Did you know that there are health benefits to your overall wellbeing when you practice altruism? Benefits such as helping reduce negative feelings and increasing empathy to others and also increasing happiness and compassion. 


How can you practice?
There are so many ways to practice Altruism here are a few to get you started

Offer support to your neighbours, give a donation, buy someone a coffee, help someone with their shopping, send a card, volunteer or cook a meal for someone in need, these are all forms of altruism however there are many more that I could list but I would fill the page!

Research continually shows us that people who give and support others – without expectation of benefit to themselves – have been found to have better a life adjustment overall and tend to see life as more meaningful. 

It is associated with better relationships, reduction in the feelings of hopelessness, less depression, increased physical health, and enhanced self-esteem.

When you feel happy you are more likely to be even kinder to yourself and others.

So why not try it give a little, with no expectation of receiving, and reap the health benefits today.

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