writing letters

Why writing letters is good for the soul

Writing Letters

Writing is therapeutic with many psychological and medical studies showing that writing about challenges, emotions, and dreams helps people experience increased happiness, health, and productivity.

I’ve talked before about the benefits of journaling, however, today I’d like to share the benefits of writing letters to people, yes letters to be stamped, posted and letters to received letters.

A handwritten letter or note, there is nothing like it for connection. Receiving a letter in the mail immediately lifts your spirit and happiness levels even before you open it. It brings with it a release of Dopamine, the happy hormone, as you see the letter and pick it up. You feel such a connection at that moment. Why? Why is that so?

It is because a letter means that someone somewhere has thought of you, have thought of you in such a way they wanted to let you know.

There is something remarkable about just the thought of that. The thought and feelings that come with the thought that someone is sitting down for you. Take out a piece of paper for yourself. Focusing their mind on the words they write for you and for you alone they write.

Often the content of the letter is secondary to the connection we feel the moment we see that envelope addressed to us.

There’s a reason we love our letters. There’s a reason we keep very special letters. It could be the memories. It could be the words expressed. It could be the little pictures drawn.

However, the reason I believe letters are so special is the emotion of connections. Nothing feels so beautiful as knowing someone, somewhere, is thinking of you. Someone somewhere in a moment not too long ago was thinking of you and you alone. Someone somewhere a moment ago thought no you enough to take their time to write to you and you alone.

Let’s start a letter revolution, a revolution of connections. Write a letter today to someone you’re thinking of, it doesn’t have to belong just a note to let them know you are thinking of them. You’ll feel the connection to them even before they receive it.

Create a ripple of connections today. Writing Letters.

Happy letter writing EnJOY.

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