Why repainting my home bought back many memories

I have been on a bit of a mission to paint the interior of my home. After the last repaint over 25 years ago, I was excited and slightly dreading the project – think French windows and doors that have to be done by hand!

I was looking forward to freshening up the home and getting a more modern colour throughout the home goodbye pink you are showing your age! So we garnered all the supplies chose the colour scheme and started the project by starting with the fiddly bits, arcs, skirts and doors first. What I didn’t expect was the memories flooding in as I moved into my children’s, now adults room.

Things we had forgotten about or had gone unnoticed suddenly were before my eyes and awaiting the stroke of my paint laden brush. I was taken back years in an instant.

Things like on my son’s bedroom doors where it showed much he had grown complete with dates and height. In my daughters room handwritten notes by my Mum, her Nan, of where she should place her jumpers and skivvies, shows how times have changed eh?

As I unscrewed my daughter’s clothes cupboard doors I was confronted with the bright purple, green and yellow she had painted the inside of her louvre doors. She was sure she would get into trouble instead I loved it! I smile at the memory.

With each room I moved through another memory came bounding through giving me time to reflect on the past and the beautiful memories we had created together in this our home of 34 years.

One of the most beautiful was pencil markings I found where my late husband had marked measurements when he renovated our home to create built-in cupboards for the kids. I remember how proud he was to be able to build their rooms, a place for his kids and the time and patience to make everything just right for them, his pride and Joy.

I talk often about creating memories today for tomorrow and since painting I’ve been flooded with them. Who knew painting would take me back to the past while I was painting for the future.

Very special


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