So what do you do Joy?

People often ask me what do you do Joy? My answer?

Do you know how there are many people in our world who’ve had a crisis occur in their life?

In that instant, that moment of crisis, their life changed – changed in a heartbeat – forever.

The Mind, Body and our emotions are intrinsically linked and, if not aligned, your health, and all other areas of your life even your business life can be affected.

In fact, when you’re in these life-changing moments, you think you will never experience a normal life ever again – let alone happiness and joy again.

I’ve studied and qualified in many areas and fields, such as positive psychology, to learn the knowledge and expertise to support you from confusion, uncertainty and turmoil back to feelings of clarity, certainty and calmness in your life. It takes time to feel happiness let alone Joy again in your life during these times and that’s where I come in.

Why am I so passionate about the Mind Body Link, let me explain in one sentence.

I’ve been there, I know what it feels like and I don’t want anyone to suffer as I did – if I can ease one person’s pain I will.

I grew up with a Mum with chronic illness, I almost lost my brother to road trauma, my other brother suffered mental health problems, I lost my sister in law to cancer. The worst time in my life though was when I lost my wonderful wonderful husband to cancer only 6 weeks after diagnosis. I know what it’s like to live with chronic illness, life as a carer, rehabilitation, during challenging times and grief, I know, I know.

While all our stories are different the emotions, uncertain feelings and turmoil feel the same.

That’s why  I want to support you, so many people know the theory however don’t understand the real emotions as I do. However, I also want to back it up with rock-solid qualifications, research and support

As an Author, Speaker, Mentor, Transformation Therapist and Creator of the well known ‘3 Minute to Calm’ ® and ‘What fills Your Heart with Joy®’ methods.

So I thought I would share my story in part about why and what I do.

Why I live my life in grateful happiness each and every day.

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