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Specializing in supporting you during life challenging events

be inspired to unlock your best potential, and be supported  with a positive focus on mind, body and joy

If you think you are to busy to try to learn Mindfulness techniques think again. I’ve created a ‘7 Days to Mindfulness’ pack especially for you.

Joy Fairhall - Connecting Mind, Body and Joy

When life throws a curveball, Joy Fairhall is the person you want in your corner.

As the founder of Mind Body Joy, Joy brings personal insight and professional expertise to help find the positive perspective to overcome and manage a life-changing event.

Qualified as a Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Practitioner, among other qualifications, Joy focuses on the link between mind and body, enabling you to function well, physically and emotionally.

Joy has a specialist interest in people dealing with fear and overwhelm in general or as the result of a life-changing event.

Joy’s insight comes from a uniquely personal place. Click here to read more about Joy.

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What client’s say

Joy spoke about the Power of Joy at my Meetup group recently and it was outstanding! Joy has the magic ability of being able to turn complex science and sophisticated research into practical relatable tips that everyone can understand and implement. Her talk was so effective and made such an impact that I am going to get her along to speak at my Business in Heels events. I can’t recommend Joy highly enough.

Kerry N

“I visited Joy for a long term problem which I had unsuccessfully tried to resolve for many years. Joy welcomed me into her Life Change Room and I instantly felt at ease. Also sitting in the ‘life change chair’ as opposed to sitting in a client’s chair, small change in wording I know, but it completely put me at ease! Joys patience, coaching and support in the first “life change discussion” as she calls them was amazing. I left after the first discussion with great results and the second session, the Breakthrough session blew my mind! I would highly recommend Joy as a Life Coach for anything you need help with she is amazing!”

Bree A


Joy really is an absolute bundle of Joy.

Chenae C


I met with Joy to learn some key pointers for meditation and what I got was so much more. Joy has a very gentle and welcoming nature that I found myself talking to Joy about life experiences in general. It was such an uplifting experience! Joy’s approach is to get you to think about things in a different light. She doesn’t give you the answer she supports you and provides the tools to assist you in finding the answer yourself. Such a beautiful natured person, easy to talk too and always welcoming. It was a pleasure xo

Marie O’D

Joy is someone you can trust. She is so easy to work with and ensures she you are well supported from beginning to end. I highly recommend Joy’s program and process

Judy O’D


“The most caring genuine person I have ever met i highly recommend mind body joy for all your life coaching needs”

Shelley E


I can’t thank you enough Joy from a stranger in need one minute to an amazingly happier, supported & nurtured person the next!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Tash H


The most caring genuine person i have ever met i highly recommend mind body joy for all your life coaching needs

Rachelle E

Most generous woman I have ever met. And her healing room.. the energy is OUTSTANDING!! Thank you Joy Fairhall for being you xxx

Marilou C


Joy was almost magical in the way she made me feel at ease, open up and then she reframed everything for me and I left feeling amazing! Highly recommend

Bambi C


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