Mindfulness: Benefits of Writing a Journal

Did you keep a diary when you were younger? Do you find yourself doodling or writing notes down your thoughts during the day whether you’re feeling happy, sad writing to remember or when stressed?

Journaling, or jotting down your thoughts and ideas, is enjoying a revived focus. Studies have shown proven benefits of writing down your thoughts either as they occur or at the end of your day.

For some people the thought of having to write every day might not suit them however the idea of journaling is definitely not to make it a chore, it’s meant to be something you enjoy.

One benefit of journaling is that it has been shown it may reduce stress. When writing about a situation that causes or caused you stress you actually take the energy of the emotion out while you’re writing thus minimising the energy surrounding the moment which then results in a reduction of the emotion. As stress can have a major impact on your health the simple act of writing in a journal certainly is something to consider in our daily life.

Journaling is also a useful way to keep track of your life goals, special moments and memories
So if you’ve decided to give journaling a go is there a method to writing? Well not really it’s whatever works for you however from my personal experience I’ve found the following works for me.
– Firstly and most importantly buy yourself a beautiful journal and pen to record and capture your daily reflections and notes.
– Don’t worry about the spelling or punctuation it’s the words that matter
– Write where and when you won’t be disturbed, remember this is your time
– If you can’t find the words or have a blank try a quick sketch, you don’t have to be Picasso as long as it represents how you’re feeling, or insert a photo from your day
– Lastly enjoy reading your journal for years to come


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