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4.30 am Trend

In this article, 4.30 am rise and Shine, I share the benefits of rising earlier and also some tips and tricks about how to become an early bird. I also add in some research that backs up why getting up early has health benefits

Inner Peace Is Contagious

In this article, I share the benefits of inner peace and how if you find peace others will too. Includes a link to a short video for those who like to listen to audio

Tackling loneliness in older Australians and aged care

In this article, I share about how loneliness affects the elderly especially after the loss of a longtime partner.

E-Bubble Life

E-Bubble Life, Launched in 2014, is a Health and Wellbeing Magazine that talks primarily to school-aged kids parents and seniors with children’s responsibility.

Articles listed below



How to Increase Happiness 

Transit Lounge Podcast – Bill Gasiamas

Mind Body Joy and Happiness

3 x 5 x 7 Podcast -Gerald Richards

A Life-Changing Loss

Fearless Females – Tegan Mathews (USA)

Getting Curious

Design You Podcast – Tina Murray

Talking about how being curious builds a better wellbeing

A little bit about Joy

Helen Bolger – Harris

Mindfulness with Joy

A Little Breathing Space – Clarissa Kristjansson (Sweden)

Ten Minutes to Health

Ten Minute Natural health tips ( USA)

Joy Fairhall Mind Body Joy

Soothing Grief with the Sounds of Healing – Guest Blog

Louise Creswick – Grief – Coaching for Life Beyond Loss (UK)

Louise Creswick invited me to write a guest blog after we connected on Linkedin talking about the healing of sounds baths. Louise was interested to learn more about sound healing and how I incorporated it into my work. The result? This blog all about sounds healing. EnJOY

Joy Fairhall Mind Body

Inner Peace is Contagious

The Energy Healing Magazine (UK)

In this article I share about the path we all crave, that of Inner peace. I share not only what inner peace is, the benefits and also some tips and techniques. Put these tips into action to start your own inner peace journey.


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