Life Coaching

Life Coaching what does it actually mean?

Life Coaching

Life Coaches can be people who have trained as life coaches, councillors, and qualified Positive Psychology and Wellbeing partitioners such as myself.

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a tool to support you make a change in your life/ If you think about any sport be it football, netball etc they all have coaches, even individual sports players have a coach… Life coaching is no different they support you to get to where you want to go – it’s that simple.

As with any coach they coach you they don’t do the work you have to do the work and implement the agreed actions to work towards your goal. You don’t see coaches on the footy field for the team, do you?

Do you Need Coaching?

This is a great question? Coaching can benefit you at any stage of your life, however, most people tend to think they only need a coach when they have a goal to reach or a challenge to overcome, and this is certainly true. However, coaching can also support you to achieve your goal as a way of maintaining the goal or setting new ones.

Some examples of when coaching is particularly useful are when you’ve decided to make a change and have set a goal however you aren’t sure how to get there. This could be in regards to health, finances, career or relationships.

How does Coaching work?

There are different levels of coaching with ‘Basic Life coaching being about the day to day goals such as career, study, health and are usually based on the model of ‘What’, ‘How’, and ‘When’. The most important thing, I feel, is you need is rapport, without rapport, nothing will work.

Your Life coach has the ability to ask the right questions, to support you to determine the right steps specifically for you and your goal and to support you to keep on track. They will also challenge you and ask questions when you are not. Together you will determine practical steps to achieve your goal. They will support you to get you from A to B in ways you may never have thought of.

A higher level of coaching is where you still focus on your goals however at a deeper level. At a higher level, you focus even more on the potential and possibility and identify your personal approach to life. Coaches who do this are coaches such as Psychologists, counsellors, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing partitioners such as myself. They support you when your beliefs get in the way of moving forward, they work with your potential and future potential asking not only ‘What’, ‘When’ and ‘How’, they also delve deeper and as you ‘Who are you, “what does life mean to you” ‘ What would you choose if things weren’t holding you back for example.

It’s extremely important in my opinion that you have to actually like know and trust your coach first. Why? Often we are sharing deeply personal things with our coach at this higher level coaching and if you feel they don’t care or don’t listen your motivation will lessen. If you have someone who truly cares, understands and supports you it makes it all so much easier.


Life Coaching certainly has its place in today’s life I have seems so many people benefit from coaching. Just like a winning team or sports player great coaches can make the difference in supporting you achieve your goal.

Please ensure that the person you see is qualified as a coach and can provide their certificates as well as testimonials from other clients. If you are paying for results you need to make sure it’s the results you’re going to get. Most coaches provide free chats where you can determine if the person is the right fit for you and I advise you to take advantage of these calls to make sure you get the best coach for you.

If you have any questions on whether coaching is right for you to assist you to live the life you desire and deserve please contact me.


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