Healthy Chips? Yes it’s true!

Love chips but not the calories and fats they contain? Let me show you how to make your own chips that are full of flavour, healthy and economical. The flavour variations are endless let your imagination run wild with flavours
“Think you Can’t? You can!”

1 packet pita or mountain bread – gluten-free is fine as well
Olive oil (I use mine in a spray bottle)
Pink salt & Black pepper
Your choice of herb/ spice – I like Cajun and Fresh garlic

Lay bread onto lined oven trays ( You can cut them into triangles if you like)
Lightly spray with olive oil or use a basting brush
Grind salt and pepper over bread(I’ve made a grinder with both salt & pepper in it to save time)
Lightly sprinkle over a choice of herb/ spice
Bake hot oven 200 till lightly brown and crisp
Roughly break into chips


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