A Joyful life

Joy means different things to many people, however, there are common words that come up time and time again during my workshops that people use to describe what Joy means to them.

Words such as fun, happy on steroids, childlike, light, free, complete. They are the common ones however whatever the word you use to describe the joy we tend not to celebrate with Joy each and every day. We think we need to read books to learn how to have happiness and ‘Joy’. I also hear time and time again I don’t have time to do the things that fill my heart with Joy, life gets to busy.

Worse still people tend to schedule a time to actually feel Joy!  Party anyone, weekend dinner with friends? I’ll call you next week! Sound familiar?

The health benefits of happiness and joy are well researched and proven for example:

  • Reduction in stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Calmer

and even

  • Look younger

to name a few.

Ask yourself this simple question – what fills my heart with Joy? Really tap into what really makes your heart swell, makes you feel childlike or light or free or whatever the word you use to describe Joy.

Write it all down everything and look at the list – you most likely will find that they are things that you can do every day – and why wouldn’t you if your health and even your relationships and business life benefits?

If you would like some help with feeling more happiness and Joy in your life or to learn my “What Fills Your Heart with Joy’ method  you can contact me via

[email protected] and I am happy to help.

AND as I always say……

“Fill Everyday with Joy”

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